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How To Format PhD Dissertation Acknowledgements In A Proper Way

The acknowledgement is one of the easiest sections you will complete in a PhD dissertation. Everything you write for your doctorate degree in the project will be too academic and technically sound. All the sections in your paper will be much difficult for an ordinary reader to understand. However, the acknowledgment is comparatively simple and easy. You will create this in order to give your thanks and gratitude to the people who aided in completing your paper. This can be anyone who inspired you to write about a particular subject or helped you collect data. Make sure that you only include the names of those who actually helped you complete your thesis because of short time and limited space. Readers do not have all day to read your acknowledgement so you should keep it simple and relevant.

If you are to create an effective acknowledgment section for your dissertation, you should keep several things in your mind.

Same font style and size

Your acknowledgment would be simple in writing but it must follow the same font size and style you have used for the rest of the assignment to keep uniformity. All the text in your project should follow the same font size and style because that is why you format your assignments. To give a better presentation it is important to follow particular instructions

Complete one page

Usually acknowledgements are not lengthy and take up to one or two paragraphs. You can keep in mind that it must not exceed one page in length. It may be less than that but should not exceed this length. Include the names of your professors, family, supervisors or anyone who actually helped but do not make it an Oscar speech

Double spaced

The entire text in your acknowledgement should be double spaced. This is for easy readability for your professor and if they have to make any corrections or notes, they can do it between the lines

Personal or professional

Determine whether you are going to write a personal acknowledgment or a professional one depending upon the type and scope of your project. This will help you stay precise and relevant

A good way to thank all those who deserve, is to make a list of people that contributed in your paper in any way for data collection, analysis, editing, proofing or formatting

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