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Top 23 Geography Dissertation Ideas For Undergraduate Students

Writing a dissertation in different fields varies in terms of effort required. Dissertations in social sciences may quite easy to write than in pure sciences like geography. This is because of scarcity of topics to write about or risking redundancy. Among those required to write dissertations and theses in the field of geography are those training as geography teachers or those undertaking any course with geography as a major unit. If you are looking for a topic to write on for your geography dissertation then consider the following topics.

  1. Factors that have led to climate change in a particular area of interest. Describe the previous climate of the area of interest versus the current and give what you think is the cause of change in climate.

  2. Describe the role of trees and vegetation in the climate of an area of interest.

  3. Class aspects of residential development in the area of interest

  4. A research on how natural forests and vegetation can be preserved and the impact on climate.

  5. A research on measure that can be taken to evade the effects of earthquakes including measure that can be taken in preparation for earthquakes.

  6. A research on how industrial development has led to change in climate including the effects of industrial wastes in the natural environment.

  7. A research on waste management on urban areas to prevent soil and water pollution. In this research include the various measures that can be taken to improve waste disposal.

  8. A research on the effects of population change on the natural environment.

  9. The effect of the natural environment in relation to human and animal health.

  10. A study on why water pollution is on the rise in urban areas.

  11. An investigation on how one can utilize the natural environment as source of employment.

  12. A research on how agriculture and livestock keeping has increased soil erosion.

  13. Methods that can be used to prevent soil erosion in a certain area of interest.

  14. How natural environment has played a role in the spread of diseases to human beings.

  15. Causes of global warming and measures that can be taken to reduce the same.

  16. A research on how knowledgeable people are in the field of geography.

  17. A research in the importance of educating people about their surroundings.

  18. The role of the government in preservation of natural resources.

  19. A research on how natural resources have impacted on the gross national income in a country of interest.

  20. The impact on environmental sanitation on human and animal health.

  21. How non biodegradable materials have impacted on soil pollution.

  22. The effect of religion and cultural beliefs on the natural environment.

  23. How modern technology has impacted climate change.

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