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Creating A Solid Ph.D. Dissertation – A Complete Guide

You have written a dissertation paper for your undergraduate and master’s degree, but when you have entered the Ph.D. phase, you need to undertake research and write a complete paper based on that. This is completely different from what you have done at the college or university level. Your ability to write a compact paper will prove whether you truly deserve to receive the degree or not.

Since, the tenure of Ph.D. is for four years, and you won’t have your supervisor around for all the time, most of the time you need to do your work alone. You may face various problems in writing your assignment during this time. Then what should be the solution? Follow the following steps in order to come up with the best Ph.D. thesis

Guide to writing a complete Ph.D. dissertation:

  • Select a topic:
  • This is very vital for doing your work. You need to consider many factors while selecting a topic. Your topic shall have a contribution to the society in general and academics in particular; it should be practical and relevant to the modern society. Also, keep in mind to look for such topics for which you will get enough materials. Discuss with your invigilator what topic shall you choose and in what way shall you approach the topic.

  • Introduction:
  • Write a good introduction to the topic you have selected. Your reader will feel captivated by your writing and will readily get an insight what you are trying to show through your work.

  • Literature review:
  • Do a good background study on your topic. Go through the relevant books, journals and links on the net. Jot down what is important for the topic and then write sequentially the points you have got. Remember to include those points only which are relevant to your study.

  • Method:
  • Write down the methodology clearly- the methods you applied to the study, the data collection method, the sampling procedure and the statistical technique and measurements you have applied to get a quantified data.

  • Data analysis:
  • Use proper scales and measurements for analysing the data; represent the data in percentages. Use the statistical technique properly since you have to arrive at an approximate result. Always write a report of the analysed data or present the quantified data in a statement. It will fetch a good score for your degree.

  • Conclusion:
  • Without a conclusion, your thesis will look incomplete. Summarise the entire work in one or two paragraphs. Never introduce any new concept here.

  • Bibliography:
  • It is very important to write a bibliography to let your invigilator know how extensively you have studied the chosen topic.

Other points:

  • Include footnotes or endnotes as guided by the invigilator.
  • See what format your invigilator tells you to follow - APA style or Chicago style.
  • Write the bibliographical references as guided by your mentor.

These are the factors you need to consider while writing a flawless Ph.D. paper. In case you still have doubts, you can look for sample papers online. A final option is to hire a freelancer who will do the research work on your behalf.

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