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24 Geology Dissertation Topics Suggested By Experts

If you are looking for a fresh new idea for your dissertation topics, you may find one in the following list of topics suggested by geology experts.

  1. A study of the environmental impact resulting from the construction of the W.A. C Bennett Dam.

  2. Studying the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin – pore pressure patterns and hydrodynamic implications.

  3. Discovering the tectono-thermal events recorded by hydrothermal dolomites in the lower Paleozoic foreland basins across the landscape of eastern Canada.

  4. How the study of plate tectonics has shaped the history of life on earth – can this process be updated with new technology?

  5. The Mahuika Crater – a study of the impact event that is theorized to have occurred in 1443 AD.

  6. A study of the megatsunami deposits in eastern Australia.

  7. The formation of Rangitoto Island in the Hauraki Gulf off the coast of Auckland New Zealand during the 15th century.

  8. The largest earthquakes on record, the resulting tsunamis and the implications for the future.

  9. Tektites discovered over 220 km from the Mahuika crater.

  10. The Big Freeze – A study of the Younger Dryas stadial.

  11. Investigating the climate change resulting from the Big Freeze in 10,800 BC

  12. The replacement of forest land with glacial tundra in Scandinavia during the Big Freeze.

  13. The cause of the Big Freeze – the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis versus the collapse of the North American ice sheets.

  14. The absence of physical signs supporting the claim that the North America impact event took place.

  15. The Flims Rockslide in the Alps – effects on local environments.

  16. The disappearance of Lake Caumassee in the Grisons, Switzerland.

  17. The discovery of the Missoula Floods by geologist J. Harlen Bretz in the 1920s.

  18. The movement of a large sheet of ice from the Cordilleran ice sheet from Canada into the Idaho panhandle region – the creation of Lake Missoula.

  19. Major volcanic eruptions: the catastrophe of the Minoan eruption of Thera.

  20. The Holocene Impact Working Group – hypotheses of meteorite impacts on earth. Is there evidence to sustain there have been more impacts than previously supposed?

  21. The ancient city of Tartessos in the Andelusias – evidence it was lost to a massive flood.

  22. A study into the discovery of a Phoenician necropolis – burial ground – containing human remains at Tartessos.

  23. Tartessos and Atlantis – two advanced civilizations lost beneath the sea.

  24. Evidence supporting the theory of the Black Sea Deluge.

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