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Helpful Directions On Creating A Dissertation Introduction

As any student writing a dissertation will know, a great deal of work is required. There is the selection of the topic, the research, the writing and of course the rewriting. There is also a saying which tells us that you don't get a second chance at making a first impression. All the more reason why the attention you pay to your introduction is so important.

You need to catch the attention of the person reading your dissertation. You need to prepare them for what is to come. Then you need to make a thesis statement which is the crux of your entire work. Here are some tips on how you can make your dissertation introduction the best it possibly can be.

  • you need to create a setting for the research you have carried out

  • you need to mention previous research in this area

  • you need to create a link in your introduction between the past and what you are about to say in the present

  • you need to clearly identify the details of your current research

  • your introduction should flow naturally into the main body of your text

The title of your dissertation should obviously be informative but the introduction will clearly define the setting in which you are to state your case. It’s essential that the reader is in no doubt as to your position right from the beginning of your dissertation.

It is essential that you are able to reference the work other writers have done in fields related to the field or theme of your dissertation. Your introduction should reference such background material making a distinction between it and your own research.

There must be a link in your introduction between the research material which others have carried out and upon which you rely to some extent, with the research material you have used in the creation of your dissertation. The link must be clear.

The introduction must be specific in making the reader aware of your current research. You are preparing the reader for what they are about to encounter in the main body of your dissertation.

It is important that the reader has no trouble following your line of thinking. There must be a flow between introduction and the more detailed information provided in your dissertation. It's a natural link of one aspect of your work, in the introduction, to the rest of the data in the body of your text.

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