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5 Places To Visit In Search Of A Dissertation Proposal Sample

The last year that you spend in college is likely to be devoted to the completion of some sort of final project. This may be a thesis or a dissertation depending on where you go to school. Before you even begin writing one, your faculty will expect you to present a proposal that describes the research you intend to undertake.

In either case, you will write a much better paper if you have a few examples you can refer to that show you how it should turn out. If you are already an exceptional student, this advice may all be obvious to you or you may not need examples at all. For everyone else, here are some places to check to find quality sample proposals.

  • Your professor
  • If someone is preparing you to a write a thesis or anything similar, that person should have a collection of work completed by other students in the past. These will represent the best of their year groups and you can learn a great deal about how your professor defines that by reading them.

  • Your most academically successful friends
  • Being academically successful is about much more than being smart. The person you want an example from should have a very good understanding of the academic writing styles and be well organized. If anyone you know fits this description and has had to propose an idea to the same faculty, they should be your first choice.

  • Academic content creation websites
  • There are many websites online that offer writing services for a fee. If you do a general web search several of these will pop up. Look for their free example sections. There should be proposal samples covering a wide range of themes. These are used to attract potential clients.

  • Textbooks on the topic of dissertation writing
  • If you have access to a textbook that covers research, it may have a perfect example of the type of writing used when you want to present the idea or propose it. Check out your college library if you do not own any books like this.

  • Your tutor
  • Not everyone has a tutor so this point may not be as useful to all people. A teaching a assistant may also be able to provide an example. Ask nicely and you may be surprised.

If you cannot find the samples you need just remember what your professor instructed and act accordingly.

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