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Guide On How To Format Doctoral Dissertation Citations In APA

One of the things that students must keep in mind is how to employ various formatting techniques when composing their doctoral dissertation papers. There are those who are well versed with only a few of these methods and therefore, if asked to craft in any other different method, everything causes panic. This should not be the case. Here is a guide on how you can format your dissertation paper in APA style:

The title page

This is the very first page and as the name suggests, it bears the title of the paper. It should be uniquely formatted in APA style so that there is a clear distinction with other styles of writing. On this page, there are certain things that must be present. For instance, the name of the author, name of the lecturer to whom the work is submitted to, name of the institution, the specific title and the date are some of the things that should not miss out. The title should appear on the bottom left side of this paper.

Font and font size

Each of the known writing styles has a specific font and the font size that is universally applicable. For the case of APA style, the most widely used font is the New Times Roman and a font size of 12. This allows easy readability of the content so that none of those who will handle the work faces a challenge. There are other several fonts. However, the New Times Romans is most preferred because it is clear.


In APA style, one of the requirements is that, there should be a one inch spacing all-round the sides of the paper. That is, the top, bottom, right and the left sides. All these should have an equal spacing so that the paper adopts uniformity. Students are discouraged from manually pressing the space bar so allow this spacing. Instead, pressing the Tab button your keyboard is much easier and ensures great uniformity.


In each of the APA work done, there must be reference. For instance, there should be in text referencing where the author quotes some information directly from the source and then puts the source right inside the text. This should be in bracket and if there is more than one author, the sir name of the first author is used while the rest referred to as “et al.” Other references come on the last page where the author’s name, the title of the book, year of publication and the edition are included.

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