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Reliable Tips For Composing A Psychology Dissertation Proposal

Struggling to wrap your head around the writing of your psychology dissertation proposal? Don’t worry, I am sure that thousands, if not millions of people have found themselves in the same boat. The key to solving this is in just having the confidence to do a little online digging to get hold of the basics. Thankfully, you won’t have to look much further than this article! So, here are some reliable tips for composing this:

Obtain some examples

I am all for doing whatever it takes to help dig yourself out of a hole. Getting hold of some examples is a great way of doing exactly that. I am not just talking any examples here. You need to ensure that anything that you are using for reference purposes are of the highest, possible standard. So, where do you get these magic samples from?

  • Your teacher

  • Friends/family

  • The internet

The where doesn’t really matter, so long as you actually get them! Then, you need to ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of reciting from them verbatim. That’s plagiarism!

Narrow your central argument right down

I know that this can seem like a big ask. However, you really do need to narrow your central argument right down so that it is as tight as it can possibly be. By doing this, the rest of your work should just grow organically. Think of this as the centre of the universe from which all of the planets and stars are formed.

Talk to friends

Bouncing ideas off your friends can be a brilliant way of getting the tips and tricks that you need to get you through it. Clearly, choose your friends wisely, as not everyone will be suitably placed to help. There may be other group dynamics that you also have to take into consideration. However, I would suggest that a chinwag with friends is a great way of not just getting the information that you need but also spending a pleasant evening.

Believe that you can fly

Yes, I know that this might sound a little cheesy but a positive mental attitude is the best way of getting through that all important proposition. Let’s put it another way. Where is negative thinking going to get you? If you believe that you can nail this, then chances are that you will. If conversely you believe that you are destined to flounder then you will only serve to attract negativity. Be smart. Be positive.

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